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Posts Tagged Personal Diary

Finally! An email reply!

Two days on from my original post about Transcription Services and the like the company who I asked to email me have emailed, complaining they couldn’t get hold of me! I’d specifically asked for email as well! GRRRR Clearly their ability to listen far outweighs their reading skills! They charge out at £2.10 (immediate service), or £1.65 (24 hour service) per dictated minute exc. VAT. Interesting, I think I probably need to work out how much I’d say in the average amount of stuff I want done, I’m also contacting a few other people, including the original Australian company I was interested in again (who also haven’t responded!).

by Keiron on April 13th, 2007 | Personal Diary | No Comments » |

Sales People – have Phone Will Call?!?!

What is it about sales people and their urgency to call?! I filled in a contact us form today, and they’ve plagued me all day. I recently bought a digital dictaphone, to try to speed up my life, given I can speak faster than I can type I plan to put it through either a transcription service or Dragon Naturally Speaking.I’ve had a play with Dragon and it was reasonably successfull, but I wanted to test the water with a proper transcription company. So I filled in a contact form on the website, I should have known better really, I normally have a policy – if the price isn’t there, they are hiding it and are probably extortionate! I quite… Continue reading »

by Keiron on April 11th, 2007 | Personal Diary | 1 Comment » |

Bzzzz Bzzzz.. I’m a BzzAgent!

Ok, I ignore the adverts on TV as much as you do, with Sky Plus it’s even easier, start watching everything late and fast forward through the ads  (hey I’m a genius when it comes to stopping it at 30x fast forward just as a program restarts!). So how on earth is anyone going to advertise to me? TV? Nope, covered that above! Magazines?  Maybe but I skip over adverts so fast I don’t take them in. Radio? Nope listen to the BBC! Billboards by the road? Not bad, I’m kind of a captive audience in the car. Friends & Colleagues – Ah, I’ve got not choice there really – I’m obviously going to listen to them as I know… Continue reading »

by Keiron on March 26th, 2007 | Personal Diary | No Comments » |

Six Nations Day is Upon Us! Along with St. Patrick!

I’ve got my Ireland shirt, on Em’s in her Wales Womens shirt (maybe they ought to field the Womens side today against England). We’re off to the pub with friends shortly and it’s guaranteed to be a day out, with St. Patricks Day as well, Cheltenham this week – can the luck of the Irish really hold through 3 games, each knowing what they have to do to beat the previous. The table is almost guaranteed to change 3 times today!!! Italy have a fighting chance still, at least my friend tells me so, but he is Italian and delusional! Another tells me England will sneak it, whilst the Welsh contingent will be happy to have a punt at the… Continue reading »

by Keiron on March 17th, 2007 | Personal Diary, Six Nations | No Comments » |

CEX please we’re british!

Went into town today to watch the rugby, visited CEX a kind of DVD, Electronics, Mobiles and Games swap-shop / pawnbrokers. They have a huge amount of secondhand Nintendo DS Games, and Nintendo Gamecube games (the latter of which seems to have disappeared completely from GAME and other console game stores!), we picked up two for £14. Will give them a go tomorrow. They buy and sell, so there maybe a bucket load of stuff I consider getting rid of via them!

by Keiron on March 10th, 2007 | Personal Diary | No Comments » |