Ok, I ignore the adverts on TV as much as you do, with Sky Plus it’s even easier, start watching everything late and fast forward through the ads  (hey I’m a genius when it comes to stopping it at 30x fast forward just as a program restarts!). So how on earth is anyone going to advertise to me?

  • TV? Nope, covered that above!
  • Magazines?  Maybe but I skip over adverts so fast I don’t take them in.
  • Radio? Nope listen to the BBC!
  • Billboards by the road? Not bad, I’m kind of a captive audience in the car.
  • Friends & Colleagues – Ah, I’ve got not choice there really – I’m obviously going to listen to them as I know and trust them!

And that last one is exactly what BzzAgent are counting on! WOM (Word of Mouth) advertising is completely new in the UK, and might just take it by storm! Most people know I built up my hosting business completely on Word-Of-Mouth advertising, so I completely understand it’s value and it looks like BzzAgent might do as well.

The theory is that you get stuff from them, and you’ll take about it! You’re not paid, but you may get some nice new stuff along the way, be that a mobile phone or a pack of sausages!

Sounds a bit far fetched? You do it every day! Do you wear a shirt with a logo on? Did you tell your friend what you had for dinner last night? Lend a friend a film because you enjoyed it so much? Thought you might have, and it’s so big in the US that 43% of Fortune 500 companies adopted Word of Mouth advertising last year!
You can sign up here (will it be a mobile phone, or a toothpick!?!)