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Archive for Recipes

Reggae Reggae Sauce!

Remember Levi Roots, who sang his way through his Dragon’s Den experience to convince Peter Jones and Richar Farley to pay him £25,000 in return for a 20% stake in his company? Of course you do – he was also nominated best reggae singer at the ’98 Mobo awards! (I know – I hear what you’re saying, you haven’t got a clue who I’m talking about!). Well he’s making a go of the Reggae Reggae Sauce as of now! 600 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide will be selling the sauce! Previously you could only buy the sauce on Mr Roots’ website or at the annual Notting Hill Carnival! The supermarket will also sell Mr Roots’ record Proper Tings (The Reggae Reggae Sauce… Continue reading »

by Keiron on March 7th, 2007 | Recipes | No Comments » |

Cooking Conversion Temperatures

This is an approximate conversion chart between gas mark and electric ovens. This information was copied from the rec.food.cooking FAQ. Gas Mark Fahrenheit Celsius Description 1/4 225 110 Very cool/very slow 1/2 250 130 — 1 275 140 cool 2 300 150 — 3 325 170 very moderate 4 350 180 moderate 5 375 190 — 6 400 200 moderately hot 7 425 220 hot 8 450 230 — 9 475 240 very hot This chart should be accurate enough for all your cooking needs, though keep in mind the temperatures will vary between different types, brands, sizes of ovens, in addition to your locations altitude, temperature, humidity, etc.

by Keiron on January 11th, 2007 | Recipes | No Comments » |

Cajun Salmon Pasta

Tried this last night after finding it in Google and not fancying Salmon, Potatoes and Veg (although steamed and a very easy meal – this was more appealing!!). Here’s my version (with the original compared): 2 thin filets Salmon, mine were refridgerated (room temperature) 1/2 medium onion (or 4 green onions), thinly sliced Garlic, mine comes out of a spice rack (2 cloves garlic, minced) Whole (1/2 medium) bell pepper, thinly sliced (1/4 cup milk) – Can’t see the point in this! Cajun seasoning Pasta (preferably linguine), enough for two plates/meals Cherry tomatoes (optional) Cook pasta. Meanwhile, add 2-3 tsp olive oil to a medium-sized frying pan. If you dislike the smell of frying oil, you can consider purchasing the… Continue reading »

by Keiron on December 20th, 2005 | Recipes | No Comments » |