Most people know I’m a big rugby fan… My father-in-law sent me this today, it surely has to be one of the best tries ever?

Splish Splash!

via Darragh. I love competitions like this, we should have an Olympics of just these types of sports!! (Apologies this has been sat in my drafts for weeks!) Goofy and Wilbur download Vanity Fair release The Big Lebowski video

It's just not Cricket?

I don’t understand Cricket, never have – but in the spirit of recent years attendance to sporting events we know nothing about – I will be attending a match soon. A Test for that matter, the Third day of the Third Test against South Africa! But I was...

147 equals a sports car!

I’m a bit of a snooker fan, always have been – just don’t get time to watch it so much now… But the bit I’ve watched today, all 9 minutes of it was some of the best snooker ever played… Just watch Ronnie O’Sullivan earn...

What a week!

A hell of a week at work, so not had much time to work on – thankfully ahead of their first game I’m fully upto date… Roll on tomorrow!