I don’t understand Cricket, never have – but in the spirit of recent years attendance to sporting events we know nothing about – I will be attending a match soon. A Test for that matter, the Third day of the Third Test against South Africa!

But I was shocked to see that in Cricket you can change the result of a game some two years after it was played!

From what I understand, the Pakistan team were accused of ball-tampering during a game in 2006. So they all went in for tea, after which the Pakistan team refused to come out… (I hope they did eventually come out and weren’t waiting for this result!!)

Death Ride aka Haunted Highway


I can fully understand why people are getting in a stress about this (even knowing nothing about cricket), the rules state (apparently) that if you refuse to play you lose the game (seems fair), but if the game is abandoned then it’s a draw.

So, you see the boys sat there supping cups of tea, they’re plenty of points down (don’t expect me to understand cricket scoring!):

“You know lads, we’re having a shocker, those lads back in 2006 did it. Lets refuse to go out – best of a bad job, we’ll get a draw!”

In a statement the former Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board said:

“I do resent the comments that we refused to go out to play.

“We delayed coming out to play and informed the English Cricket Board (ECB) and referee three times that we were ready to return to the field.”

Apparently the captain of the Pakistan team was later cleared of ball-tampering, but banned for some games for bring the game into disrepute by initially refusing to play.

A formal announcement about the result of the game (two years on!) is expected later today!