I’ve got my Ireland shirt, on Em’s in her Wales Womens shirt (maybe they ought to field the Womens side today against England). We’re off to the pub with friends shortly and it’s guaranteed to be a day out, with St. Patricks Day as well, Cheltenham this week – can the luck of the Irish really hold through 3 games, each knowing what they have to do to beat the previous. The table is almost guaranteed to change 3 times today!!!

Italy have a fighting chance still, at least my friend tells me so, but he is Italian and delusional! Another tells me England will sneak it, whilst the Welsh contingent will be happy to have a punt at the (now) in-form England side and avoid the Wooden spoon?

Ultimately I think the whole day revolves around the French, If they trounce Scotland by enough points, there’s nothing in the offing for anyone! Maybe this is the kick up the bum Ireland need in World Cup year!

Oh, and a very happy St. Patricks Day to all our readers! 🙂