What is it about sales people and their urgency to call?! I filled in a contact us form today, and they’ve plagued me all day.

Philips LFH7670 32MB Digital VoiceTracer I recently bought a digital dictaphone, to try to speed up my life, given I can speak faster than I can type I plan to put it through either a transcription service or Dragon Naturally Speaking.I’ve had a play with Dragon and it was reasonably successfull, but I wanted to test the water with a proper transcription company. Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 (Preferred Edition) (PC)

So I filled in a contact form on the website, I should have known better really, I normally have a policy – if the price isn’t there, they are hiding it and are probably extortionate! I quite clearly said:

Please Email me regarding your prices.

So what have they done? Rung 7 or 8 times today!? I have an answerphone and they’ll continue to receive it. I may fill in the contact form again tomorrow, and the day after until they learn to read and send me the prices! I’m already interested in their service, I do not need a sales call!!! If you’re lookin the get a new stuff go to Motorcycle Pundit.