This quite seriously may be the most boring video you’ve ever watched on Youtube….

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But it has probably just convinced me, exactly why I want a HTC Touch Pro over the iPhone! This video was a texting challenge, set by osmio between the two handsets.

Don’t get me wrong I still love my SPV M700/Trinity, I just fancy a change! Only last week I was inches away from upgrading to the HTC Diamond whilst on the phone to Orange.

It’s not that my phone doesn’t do almost everything I want it to – I just fancied a new toy with a bit of speed!

The HTC Diamond looked perfect barring it’s lack of memory card, but that’s all been resolved on the HTC Touch Pro (and then some!)- and the only thing it’s spec seems to be missing is an Infared port (not that I need one!)!

Now I just have to wait for Orange to provide it -or buy an unlocked one for £500!!!