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Posts Tagged Mobile Phones

Playing with my Orange SPV M700 / HTC Trinity (Part 1 of X)

I love my phone, it does everything I want it to, meaning I can run the business, play games and even find where I am when I’m lost with TomTom. I do however have a few annoyances so have gone on the hunt for fixes or software that will help me with those. The first annoyance is that the phone always vibrates when it sends an SMS. It probably makes a noise as well if you have the sound on (but I don’t normally have sound on), after a quick scan on The XDA-Developers Forum, where Tinity Hacks is suggested, a great little tool with allsorts of little extra’s that saves you going into the registry to play with them!… Continue reading »

by Keiron on September 19th, 2007 | Mobile Phones, PDA | 6 Comments » |

Orange Unlimited Data!

I have used my nice shiny new SPV M700 for a few days now, it’s fantastic and I’m bound to burn loads of data on it, one of the reasons for my upgrades was the press release that this was coming: Orange cuts cost of plugging into the internet on a mobile phone 3G facts (April 23rd 2007, The Times) The general concesus behind it being that we need to get people using the data services on their mobiles to take them to the next level, and that it’s never going to happen while it’s a rip off to use data services. I couldn’t agree more! This announced the following offers for contract users: Internet “snacks” – 30p for 15mins… Continue reading »

by Keiron on June 7th, 2007 | Mobile Phones | 4 Comments » |

Turn Texters into Surfers and An Upgrade

Orange are supposedly cutting data tariffs in an effort to turn texters into surfers, unfortunately the £8 a month “anytime” package doesn’t appear to be available until Q4 2007. That’s a shame as I’ve just ordered my shiny upgraded SPV M700 – watch out for a review coming this way soon!

by Keiron on May 31st, 2007 | Mobile Phones | No Comments » |

Blackberry, T-Mobile, or my SPV M2000?

Considering a Blackberry at the minute, really not sure whether just to get a huge data bundle for my SPV M2000, or whether to actually go down the full on Blackberry route! Some advice offered by one user is : – Orange PAYG: you can buy a 4MB data bundle for £4 valid one month and for the days when you need to download loads of data you can buy their unlimited data for a day for £1. – T-Mobile PAYG: £7.50 per MB (very expensive) but you’ll never pay more than £1 per day (once you’ve reached £1 in a day, you can keep downloading for free). You could also consider T-Mobile’s SIM only contract (£7.50/month and you’re not… Continue reading »

by Keiron on February 12th, 2007 | Mobile Phones | No Comments » |