I love my phone, it does everything I want it to, meaning I can run the business, play games and even find where I am when I’m lost with TomTom. I do however have a few annoyances so have gone on the hunt for fixes or software that will help me with those.

TomTom ONE XL Great Britain With UK Mapping & Safety Cameras

The first annoyance is that the phone always vibrates when it sends an SMS. It probably makes a noise as well if you have the sound on (but I don’t normally have sound on), after a quick scan on The XDA-Developers Forum, where Tinity Hacks is suggested, a great little tool with allsorts of little extra’s that saves you going into the registry to play with them!

Backups, I’m on a bit of a backups binge at the minute both at work and at home – PPC PIM Backup
can backup your SMS as well (a failing of most phones now solved!).

MyMobiler, I’ve been looking for something that means I can control my PDA from my desktop for a long while, all the old software I had for my SPV M2000 / HTC BlueAngel wouldn’t work. This didn’t initially – my first thoughts were – here we go again… After a little (read that as a lot!) of digging I found the way to get it working was this:
Start -> Settings -> Connections -> USB to PC, if you have enabled advanced network functionality then untick the box!

I installed SPB Keyboard a while back on a trial – didn’t get on with it as well as I’d hoped and deleted it, but ever since I’ve not been able to set a new keyboard other than the built in ones! I quite liked the look of one of the skinnable ones in this thread – so installed HappyTappingKeyboard and still it didn’t work. So reading through this mile long thread I found out for WM5 I might need IM Selector (also to be found deep in the depths of this thread), this seemed to solve the problem and I can get a different keyboard now! Now I need to find a skin I like!

When I get more time I’ll explore some more apps!