Considering a Blackberry at the minute, really not sure whether just to get a huge data bundle for my SPV M2000, or whether to actually go down the full on Blackberry route!

Some advice offered by one user is :

– Orange PAYG: you can buy a 4MB data bundle for £4 valid one month and for the days when you need to download loads of data you can buy their unlimited data for a day for £1.
– T-Mobile PAYG: £7.50 per MB (very expensive) but you’ll never pay more than £1 per day (once you’ve reached £1 in a day, you can keep downloading for free).

You could also consider T-Mobile’s SIM only contract (£7.50/month and you’re not tied with them, you can cancel at any time) and add their Web’n’Walk option (an extra £7.50/month) which will let you use up to 2GB of data per month. That should be enough for emailing.

Now 2GB sounds pretty damned good to me for £15 a month??? Does that allow me to email anywhere and surf anywhere, that would be a damned good option for the business in my opinion?