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Archive for Internet Software

Firefox 2.0 returns tabs from the dead!

I quite like the sound of this, being able to bring tabs back from the dead in Firefox 2.0 will be fantastic. My only concern being, is this going to bloat the memory requirements of FF2.0 even more? I’m not upgraded yet, but often my Firefox memory roams upto 80-120MB!!! Ouch! Thoughts anyone?

by Keiron on October 27th, 2006 | Browsers | No Comments » |

Outlook Error Codes

I’m sick of frantically typing Outlook error codes into google when customers give them to me…. 0×800CCCC2 RAS_NOT_INSTALLED RAS/DUN not installed. 0×800CCCC3 RAS_PROCS_NOT_FOUND RAS/DUN process not found. 0×800CCCC4 RAS_ERROR RAS/DUN error returned. 0×800CCCC5 RAS_INVALID_CONNECTOID Connectoid damaged or missing. 0×800CCCC6 RAS_GET_DIAL_PARAMS Error getting dial settings. 0×800CCCA0 NNTP_RESPONSE_ERROR News server response error. 0×800CCCA1 NNTP_NEWGROUPS_FAILED Newsgroup access failed. 0×800CCCA2 NNTP_LIST_FAILED LIST command to server failed. 0×800CCCA3 NNTP_LISTGROUP_FAILED Unable to display list. 0×800CCCA4 NNTP_GROUP_FAILED Unable to open group. 0×800CCCA5 NNTP_GROUP_NOTFOUND Group not on server. 0×800CCCA6 NNTP_ARTICLE_FAILED Message not on server. 0×800CCCA7 NNTP_HEAD_FAILED Message header not found. 0×800CCCA8 NNTP_BODY_FAILED Message body not found. 0×800CCCA9 NNTP_POST_FAILED Unable to post to server. 0×800CCCAA NNTP_NEXT_FAILED Unable to open next message. 0×800CCCAB NNTP_DATE_FAILED Unable to display date. 0×800CCCAC NNTP_HEADERS_FAILED… Continue reading »

by Keiron on December 10th, 2005 | Email Clients | No Comments » |