I’m sick of frantically typing Outlook error codes into google when customers give them to me….

0×800CCCC2 RAS_NOT_INSTALLED RAS/DUN not installed.
0×800CCCC3 RAS_PROCS_NOT_FOUND RAS/DUN process not found.
0×800CCCC4 RAS_ERROR RAS/DUN error returned.
0×800CCCC5 RAS_INVALID_CONNECTOID Connectoid damaged or missing.
0×800CCCC6 RAS_GET_DIAL_PARAMS Error getting dial settings.

0×800CCCA0 NNTP_RESPONSE_ERROR News server response error.
0×800CCCA1 NNTP_NEWGROUPS_FAILED Newsgroup access failed.
0×800CCCA2 NNTP_LIST_FAILED LIST command to server failed.
0×800CCCA3 NNTP_LISTGROUP_FAILED Unable to display list.
0×800CCCA4 NNTP_GROUP_FAILED Unable to open group.
0×800CCCA5 NNTP_GROUP_NOTFOUND Group not on server.
0×800CCCA6 NNTP_ARTICLE_FAILED Message not on server.
0×800CCCA7 NNTP_HEAD_FAILED Message header not found.
0×800CCCA8 NNTP_BODY_FAILED Message body not found.
0×800CCCA9 NNTP_POST_FAILED Unable to post to server.
0×800CCCAA NNTP_NEXT_FAILED Unable to open next message.
0×800CCCAB NNTP_DATE_FAILED Unable to display date.
0×800CCCAC NNTP_HEADERS_FAILED Unable to display headers.
0×800CCCAD NNTP_XHDR_FAILED Unable to display MIME headers.
0×800CCCAE NNTP_INVALID_USERPASS Invalid user or password.

0×800CCC60 SMTP_RESPONSE_ERROR Invalid response.
0×800CCC61 SMTP_UNKNOWN_RESPONSE_CODE Unknown error code.
0×800CCC62 SMTP_500_SYNTAX_ERROR Syntax error returned.
0×800CCC63 SMTP_501_PARAM_SYNTAX Parameter syntax incorrect.
0×800CCC64 SMTP_502_COMMAND_NOTIMPL Command not implemented.
0×800CCC65 SMTP_503_COMMAND_SEQ Improper command sequence.
0×800CCC66 SMTP_504_COMMAND_PARAM_NOTIMPL Command not implemented.
0×800CCC67 SMTP_421_NOT_AVAILABLE Command not available.
0×800CCC68 SMTP_450_MAILBOX_BUSY Mailbox is locked and busy.
0×800CCC69 SMTP_550_MAILBOX_NOT_FOUND Mailbox not found.
0×800CCC6A SMTP_451_ERROR_PROCESSING Error processing request.
0×800CCC6B SMTP_551_USER_NOT_LOCAL User mailbox is known, but mailbox not on this server.
0×800CCC6C SMTP_452_NO_SYS

0×800CCC40 WINSOCK_WSASYSNOTREADY Network subsystem is unusable.
0×800CCC41 WINSOCK_WSAVERNOTSUPPORTED Windows Sockets cannot support this application.
0×800CCC43 WINSOCK_WSAEFAULT Bad address.
0×800CCC44 WINSOCK_FAILED_WSASTARTUP Unable to load Windows Sockets.
0×800CCC45 WINSOCK_WSAEINPROGRESS Operation now in progress. This error appears if a Windows Sockets API is called while a blocking function is in progress.

0×800CCCD1 IMAP_LOGINFAILURE Login failed.
0×800CCCD2 IMAP_TAGGED_NO_RESPONSE Message tagged.
0×800CCCD3 IMAP_BAD_RESPONSE Invalid response to request.
0×800CCCD4 IMAP_SVR_SYNTAXERR Syntax error.
0×800CCCD6 IMAP_BUFFER_OVERFLOW Buffer limit exceeded.
0×800CCCD7 IMAP_RECVR_ERROR Recovery error.
0×800CCCD8 IMAP_INCOMPLETE_LINE Incomplete data.
0×800CCCD9 IMAP_CONNECTION_REFUSED Connection not allowed.
0×800CCCDB IMAP_CHANGEDUID User ID has changed.
0×800CCCDC IMAP_UIDORDER User ID command failed.
0×800CCCDD IMAP_UNSOLICITED_BYE Unexpected disconnect.
0×800CCCDE IMAP_IMPROPER_SVRSTATE Invalid server state.
0×800CCCDF IMAP_AUTH_NOT_POSSIBLE Unable to authorize client.
0×800CCCE0 IMAP_OUT_OF_AUTH_METHODS No more authorization types.

Thanks to Girl Geekette for this – I really must get round to browsing her blog as it looks like some really useful stuff on there.