Let me set the record straight for all those that have been querying me on the subject. I love Mozilla Firefox! I binned IE long ago and won’t even install IE7 currently! But I’m having some problems with the Mozilla alternative to Outlook, Thunderbird.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m using Thunderbird daily, in all fairness I’m using it in IMAP mode only and still downloading everything to my damned huge PST file in Outlook on another machine for archive purposes. But what are the alternatives?

I could go the whole hog and use Thunderbird for everything, and I do love some of it’s features – but detest others!! Maybe it’s the fact I’m running it in IMAP mode and haven’t gone the whole hog and used it?

I’ve spent many weeks looking at different clients and the options ahead of me, and still have yet to firm up my mind completely! The two biggest problems being that I
a) Access my mail from multiple machines
b) Would ideally like it to sync with my PDA (that all but ties me to a MS solution so I might have to give up on that one!).

ZDNet provides a decent review of some 9 email clients, but this ultimately boils down to two options in my opinon – Outlook or Thunderbird and I was well aware of that!

If you’re just on anti MS bashing session the KMFMS website goes into the realms of describing an anti-Microsoft product for almost every Microsoft product on the market!

Evolution for Windows, seems to have sadly fallen to the wayside on the sourceforge. – more’s the pity!

There’s quite a good quick start guide for Firefox and Thunderbird on the Open for Business site, mostly what I already knew, but will come in handy for those considering the move!

The Lightning Extension for Thunderbird appears to drag it up closer to Outlook functionality. But probably not all the way I suspect.

The Slush God seems to see it exactly my way… If I could find a good scheduling client that I could use alongside Thunderbird that would sync I might just have cracked it!! Slush God if you find anything let me know!

And finally, someone seems to have cracked this requirement designing FinchSync which I obviously need to look at further!!! It seems to have mixed reviews with Lifehacker & Marcus P. Zillman picking up on it.