Solving Insurmountable Problems

A friend sent me this last week, and it just made me smile.. I guess this joke carries a warmth as well as a punch-line… it also tells us that there are many ways to solve insurmountable problems! An old Italian man lived alone in the country. He wanted to dig...

A new Pope!!

Amazing what you can do with a voice-over and bit of a warped sense of humour! (Via Lottie) 2012 Doomsday divx

Brightened my Morning

This picture brightened my morning…. Memories from my time with the Air Cadets spring to mind! The rule being you stay wrong until someone corrects you, you don’t go correcting it yourself!

(dinner) Party!!!!!

Well it would appear I’ve been the lucky chosen person by TheChrisD to be the latest meme victim to have a dinner party… I guess I have no choice seeing as Grandad managed to play whilst on holiday! So, Lottie (who started this whole “Chain Dinner...

IT Guy vs Employees

IT professionals are so misunderstood…. Voices changed to protect the not so innocent! IT Guy Vs Dumb Employees – Watch more free videos