Well it would appear I’ve been the lucky chosen person by TheChrisD to be the latest meme victim to have a dinner party… I guess I have no choice seeing as Grandad managed to play whilst on holiday!

So, Lottie (who started this whole “Chain Dinner Party Experience” off) asks who would I invite to a dinner party, 8 people, dead or alive???

This is going to be really tough, I started writing this with actually no clue who I would invite! Then realised how many biographies I read and how inspirational some people are! Plus how random some of the people who interest me are!

  • Duncan Bannatyne

    A 30 year old who has no money reads a story about a millionnaire and decides he quite fancies the idea and goes for it himself – five years later becoming a millionnaire, starting out with ice cream vans and leading up to where he is today.

    Clearly the dinner party needs to happen soon as I’m 30 in November and could do with all this information before then!

  • The Top Gear Team (3 in 1)

    Well, not exactly all of them – I really can’t see the point in inviting The Stig:

    1. He wouldn’t say much.
    2. How would he eat in that helmet?!?!

    You couldn’t just invite one of the team though could you?:

    • Richard “Hamster” Hammond
      That crash! Not just the crash though – his book I had to read at a slower pace as my other half leaned over my shoulder trying to read it sat in a hotel (“Can I turn the page yet?”, “No not yet!”, “How about now?”, “No not yet!”, “<grrrrrrr>”, “OK now!”)
    • Jeremy Clarkson
      No real reason other than he’s funny and some of his madcap schemes are brilliant, his proof that roadworks really can be done overnight is another reason why he should be prime minister!
    • James May
      You just can’t invite the other two and not invite James can you? Particularly with his new found wine skills from Oz Clarke – maybe he could bring the wine!

    Four down already and I’ve barely started – does anyone care if this is a dinner party, or just a full on party?!?!

  • Lance Armstrong
    Having played the Testicular Cancer roulette game, Lance is an absolute inspiration to all – and this week he announced he’s going to get back on the bike – now that really is amazing!

    This is turning into a very male party – can’t we just go down the pub instead??

  • Katherine Jenkins
    Finally someone attractive! Not only does she look stunning – but the girl can sing as well!! It also fulfills the philosophy of having a token Welsh person in attendance (more on that in a moment!).
  • Micheal Palin
    Now this might seem like an odd one…. But we should face facts, the man was a Python – that puts him in particularly good standing in our house!

    That and his amazing travels, I’ve inherited almost every one of his travels on Video from my Grandma who used to let Palin show her the world without ever having to leave home…..

    I’d love to thank him for how happy he made her!

  • Emma – My Wife
    I’d get shot for having all these famous and interesting people round to the house if I didn’t invite her, in fact we’d probably all get thrown out if that happened and end up in the pub!!
    Alright, for the more observant among you I know that means we have two welsh people in attendance, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, right?

Tagging Memery!

So there, you have it – now to find some more lucky people!

The Rules:

  1. Pick 8 people you’d like to invite to dinner, dead or alive or re-animated / resurrected.
  2. Say why?
  3. Link your answers back to Lottie
  4. Give credit to the person who tagged you – That ChrisD Bloke!
  5. Tag three others:
    1. Kate – I’m intrigued!
    2. Jen – A foody, so who would she invite?
    3. Justine (I doubt she’ll do it – but I’d love to know who a lifecaster would invite!!)