The mainstay of my business doesn’t change at this time of year, BetterWebSpace, is if anything it’s as stable as ever – which is great. The support requests are fewer and almost all of them are “in-depth” support requests that won’t just surfice with a one-word answer – I’m not complaining at all, these customers know their stuff and I respect them.

Other parts of my business, mainly affiliate marketing have suffered – A site that during the winter months did really well this last two months has done virtually nothing. I guess DVD Boxsets are more of a Christmas present affiliate game. Either way the site is up, well indexed and has a PR of 3 which won’t do it any harm.

How does your income change over the summer months if you work online?
Is it a case of making hay while the wind blows across the autumn and winter?
Or do you have a recurring income stream that brings money in during the summer months when people would much rather be outside?
Or do you offer a promotion to bring people to your sites during those months?

Let me know!