I’ve been a stumbleupon fan for some years and have introduced several people to it, it’s sitting up there with some of the other web2.0 and social bookmarking sites and was getting a fair amount of attention recently.

It also looks like it has some great new features in the pipeline!

Now, after many rumours, eBay have bought it for a cool £38 million. The deal will mean eBay will get access to the 2.5 million registered users who are used to getting personalised searches based on their profiles which the site says are more relevant than a regular search engine (there are some doubts about this).

eBay appears to be doing exactly what it wants it’s users to do and has gone on a recent spending spree, snapping up both and StubHub.

People are generally unsure on eBay’s buying strategy though, is it to personalise the user exeperience or are they just out to but as many “users” as possible! Sramana Mitra discusses eBay’s Forays Into Media on her blog and makes some very interesting points.

I’m not sure which way it will go, will eBay, MySpace, Amazon and Google dominating the websites of the world maybe? Anyone have any thoughts on this?