That’s a hunch, not a hump!

I’ve just signed up with after reading Lifehackers review I figure anything that can help me answer some questions might be useful!

The signup process seemed to take forever after I’d provided my details – though the site had just been mentioned in LifeHacker and had 283 views on there (that’s probably not including those on their Feed Reader that picked it up the same way I did!).

Eventually it crashed with a 500 error, but I seemed to be logged in and able to navigate around my profile, it was only when I clicked “home” it ground to a halt again.

So I navigated to You -> Tell Hunch about You, let the interrogation begin….

Q1. Where is your home located?
Q2. Alien abductions, are they real?
Q3. Are you Male or Female?
Q4. Do you like Bumper cars?

After each question it told me the number of other respondents that had agreed with me. Most of them didn’t believe in Alien abductions I can tell you!

I abandoned it at this point as I was just getting too many delays and errors, I have a hunch 🙂 that it’s because of their LifeHacker mention – maybe I’ll come back when they’re less busy!