Technorati favourites appears to have come and gone several times across the day as reported by aaron, I’m not surprised! It’s a bit like Google, when somebody finds a way to crack the algorithm and use it to their advantage, the goalposts are invariably changed.

Along with joining Bumpzee and creating my community for finding new blogs to read (which nobody has joined yet – so clearly nobody is reading this), I’ve joined MyBlogLog. I quite like seeing the faces on my blog of people who’ve come visiting – but are most of them drive-by’s? It would appear not – those that have visited from Bumpzee seem interested enough to comment, and as I said in a previous post – most of the time I’ve visited their blog and found something that interests me in return! So I’d say in answer to Mike I’m definitely a walk-in blogger (I also pull up a chair and have a look around while I’m there!).

I’m also quite interested in the benefits of these style of communities (aside from me finding something new to read over coffee in the morning!), so will be following Joe and Kevin’s blog with some interest. It certainly seems to have helped Manilla Mom with her seven blogs (how does she find the time!?!).

So for now you can find me on MyBlogLog and Bumpzee, why not come along and join the community for finding new blogs to read.