I blog (you may have noticed!), I have adsense on the site (you may have also noticed), I refer people through my affiliate links (occasionally when it’s appropriate), other than that I make very little from blogging on most sites where I blog. Blog advertising isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be unless you have hundreds of followers listening to every word you say and the second you talk about a product they reach for their credit card!

So I decided to take a look at, the service that claims to connect advertisers with bloggers, who can then advertise on your blogs, whilst you get paid to blog.

So, what are the steps and how does it work?

  • Wander along to
  • Submit your blog
  • Wait for it to be approved
  • Login, find an opportunity and get paid for blogging!

How Much?

Hmmmm, this is difficult, I think it’s a case of how much they like you, they say the following:

You can earn as much as you like. Your earnings are directly related to the number of valid opinions you post. Each post will bring you a minimum of US$6 and the Pagerank of your blog determines whether you receive higher paid ad campaigns, bringing you up to even $100 per post.

I’ve got a PageRank of 3 here recently (nice after a ban last year), and I can see a couple of $6 opportunites and at least one for less than that. Pagerank is a bit subjective as it’s Google’s opinion, but other factors appear to be taken into account:

How does my page rank affect my income?
Smorty has a unique blogger ranking system. There are two factors affecting your income, firstly, if you have a higher Google Page Rank you will be offered higher paying campaigns. Secondly, Smorty’s calculates it’s own smart ranking system, it’s created by combining the following factors 1) Googles PageRank, 2) Alexa Rankings, 3) Return rate of given tasks 4) Approval/Decline ratio of completed tasks and 5) Number of completed tasks. If you have a higher Smorty ranking, you are more likely to receive more campaign offers and more higher priced campaigns. You can earn up to even $100 per article.

It’s all paid through Paypal on a weekly basis, and seems easy enough to use – I’ll definitely be giving it a go in the coming weeks! This post was sponsored by smorty, signup here to get paid for blogging!