I went to post a comment on a website today, it was a Blogger one (I always dread this – it’s just not as easy as commenting on a WordPress blog is it?). This particular user had chose to allow comments from:

  • Registered Google Accounts
  • OpenID users

I usually just select the anonymous option and fill in the form, like I would a WordPress form – that was a non-starter.

I don’t want a WordPress hosted WordPress blog, so I need to do something else… I want my own OpenID!

Then I found eric’s post on Using your own WordPress URL as an OpenID!

A quick download and activation of the OpenID Delegate WordPress Plugin, an account created with myOpenID and we’re away:

  • Into the WordPress settings page to enable OpenID Delegation.
  • Fill in myOpenID information…..

Wahey, all the way back the original blog and post my comment using my new “myOpenID persona”!!!