Finally after all those posts about the current members, I can add some posts about those pending review to join this little community!

First up, it’s one of my own blogs! has become one of my interests, I’d love to be able to be a full time blogger, I can’t see it happening mind – my latest topic over there involves a challenge to Amanda, a Virtual Assistant to prove whether I really need her help!

Next we have Musings from Ancient Greece, a travellers journal through ancient Greece – the most recent entry is about the Mycenae Museum.

The Graphic Design & Web Design Forum Blog, are currently showing off painted keyboards!

Kirsten @ KirstenL4W has just moved house by the looks of things, and maybe, just maybe she’ll get time to post soon!

Amazing Facts, are reporting on the break up of Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo (whoever he might be!?!?)

And that brings the current community all together. Why don’t you join today, and get included in the next round up of new members?