I bumble along with this blog, every now and again getting a bit of attention – mainly because I don’t have half the time to write anything on it!

I made a few updates a while back, one of them was the theme, which is now using Thesis Theme. I’ve customised it a little bit, but nothing like some of these in the showcase:

Thesis Showcase Gallery

The Hills Have Eyes dvd

I’ve never paid for a theme before, but this one was well and truly worth it!

I also introduced a commenting policy, after getting a comment from a Pomegranate Fruit, keyword names just annoy me!

Well, it appears Rae has done exactly the same, and some more stuff as well – I’ve drawn the line at only registered users can post – as I’ve seen that put people off commenting in the past – but with circa 200 Akismet spam posts a day I’d never see any false positives anyway – must do something about that….

What do you use for spam comment control?