To become a blogger?

I’d love to! Sit at home all day and blog, blog, blog! I do read occasionally but more often than not don’t find the time! So when Bes posted “What is a professional Blogger?” I was intrigued!

I’d classify pro-blogging as earning enough to give up the day job, as in I can do it as a profession – but Bes puts some interesting spins on that,

  • Traffic
    If it’s based on traffic I don’t stand a chance, I haven’t got a clue how many people read my rantings, but it’s not many!
  • RSS Subscribers
    I think I’ve got a few when I look at my stats, but I’m not really sure – is there anyone out there?
  • Number of posts and posting frequency
    There’s loads of posts on here, not all on-topic, not all relevant, it’s my whiteboard, where I dump my thoughts, make a note of a website or have a rant. I could have multiple niche blogs for all the different topics I discuss – but it would probably kill me to update them all and my number of posts would definitely go down!
  • Comments
    Again, a few people comment – I’m not even sure if they read my ramblings regularly or have just picked up on the odd post.
  • Money
    That’s the one, and I make nothing (or next to nothing!) from this blog. I want a redesign done that is both easy on the eye but allows me to integrate some advertising – any volunteers?

Conclusion, I’m probably not a professional blogger – nor am I likely to become one in the near future. I am however happy with my rants and ramblings and would occasionally like to know if there’s “anybody out there?”