I haven’t blogged in a while…. I’ll be honest I’m really busy at the minute – so busy that even my Google Reader is full up with stuff – I will read it all eventually, maybe! That brings me to another point (before I’ve even started with the main point of this post!) has anyone tried Google Gears to allow them to view their Google Reader content offline – I’d be interested to hear your experiences!

I try to keep up with a few blogs every so often when I dive into my Google Reader and today I noticed this post of Tricia’s about her comment policy, now I’m as much of a fan as the next man about “dofollow” – I’m proud to be a member of the community, and I add my own little caveat to my dofollow links by only allowing them to become dofollow’s after 24 hours to give me time to blow away any spam (it’s a feature of the WordPress Plugin that I use).

But I’ve had a couple of spammy style comments I’ve let through recently, this one is clearly a beg for a link, asking for a new post and advertising absinthe – bit odd if you ask me (maybe the commenter had been drinking?). As such I’m going to follow Tricia’s policy on this from now on.

I’m offering you some link-juice, so offer me something – make your comment worthwhile, engaging, funny, or thought provoking. A firm but fair approach will be operated here going forward – YOU know if you’re commenting just to get another link to your site – don’t bother, it will be removed! So head off with the rest of the stampede (and believe me a lot of people are doing this!) to blogs that will allow you to just comment willy-nilly!

For those who do want to get involved in discussion, either about this, or about Google Gears, feel free to comment now 🙂