I reported back in August that I would try to blog more since getting married, however life seems to have run away with me as I get some serious automation sorted for the business – with some funky little PHP scripts! But I haven’t forgotten this blog!

I’ve been plugging away in my spare time at a new WordPress theme – regular readers will know I’ve changed the theme of this blog more times than….. Well a few times anyway!! I plan to finish it sometime before Christmas – I know that sounds like a long way off for some of you, but my life seems so busy at the minute that I don’t seem to have five minutes to myself!!

Not Having Five Minutes to Spare

On the subject of not having five minutes to spare, I should point out that having encouraged everyone in the office to have a go at Inbox Zero, I’ve finally taken Glenn’s advice and bought David Allen’s book:

Hopefully in the coming weeks, and months (or however long it takes me to read it whilst fitting it into my busy schedule!) I’ll be come more productive and less stressed!

Bump, Bump, Bumpzee

I’ve also realised that I’ve neglected Bumpzee a bit, I maybe got a bit disillusioned when I found out Becky wasn’t for real, or just haven’t had time to play. I did a couple of weeks back have a tinker with this blog code to find out how many RSS subscribers I was getting via Google Analytics. The only downside of my tinkering would appear to be that I broke my feed at Bumpzee, so none of my posts have been getting through there 🙁

I have today fixed this, and it’s given me a renewed interest in my Bumpzee community “Bored Surf :: Something New To Read“, I used to let just about anything in to this community, but I’m going to be a bit more choosy as of today – and I’ll also be auditing the blogs I have already allowed in. I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for if I’m honest, something a bit more than cut and pasted stuff. I saw two new blogs in the request list today and have immediately included them, after reading just two posts I quite liked their content!!

  • Rachel was almost immediately accepted when I saw the warning “No Sex Pests Please!”, I nearly fell off my chair lauging.
  • Angelika commented: “I don’t believe that only boring people get bored. I’m bored right now…”, I couldn’t agree more!

There are 21 blogs from 21 members in our little community, with over 4,000 posts…. I need to go through maybe the last 10 submissions of each blog and see if it would grab my attention on a Friday afternoon to make this a community worth having. There are also a few pending review, but I’d like to clear out any dead wood first. So if you’ve spotted something in the community you’re not sure of then feel free to leave me a comment to that effect!