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Bored Surfing Members 3/3

In recent posts we’ve covered some of the community members in my Bumpzee Bored Surfing community. Here’s the last of the current members before I start introducing new members!

  • Pure Princess – Princessy news shopping help and humour – Most recent: “Felicity Gail Win Hand-making Heroes
    A celebration of all things princessy – from shopping to celebrity or news, gossip and gifts. Also, the official blog of women’s gift retailer pressies4princesses.co.uk.

  • Dazed and Confuzed From Here – Most recent: “Friday Follies
    Humorous look at my life. Also covering topics I am passionate about. I might even cover some I have no idea or knowledge about. If I make people laugh or reflect along the way, then I’ve accomplished something. Spelling and grammar police need not apply. Huked on foniks werkd gud fer me. Married 11 years with 1 son, 2 step daughters. 1 dog, 1 cat and no goats. My knowledge knows no boundaries except I’m not smart enough to remember it all. I write poetry, love all genres of music/lyrics and have a deep respect for all the arts. Sorta like Cliff Clavin except I don’t work for the Post Office and I’m not from Boston.

That’s all folks!!!! Subscribe to the community (and my feed) now for more updates as I start to let some of those in the “Pending Review” list through!

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