Several months ago I created a group on Bumpzee, to give me something new to read when I was having a bored surfing moment, it got a few new members and I quite regularly read it’s feed – as do a number of other members.


However I’ve been a bit busy recently, what with moving house, decorating and the like, so new additions haven’t been approved. I plan to rectify that in the coming weeks and allow a few more into the community.

However be warned my pro-active approach also means that anything I don’t find particularly interesting may be removed as well – current members you have been warned! I’m also going to remove those that haven’t posted recently (I think 2 months is probably fair?)

Here is a bit about the first five blogs and their most recent posts.

If you want to check out more members blogs before they get posted here then take a look over here, more to be posted soon – so why not subscribe to our feed?

Creative Commons License photo credit: believekevin