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BackType Update

I was raving about BackType only last week both on Twitter and on this blog – It’s a great idea and the list of features they sent me this morning in their newsletter looked great!

Not something I use, but I know a few people who do that will be pleased about this.

I love my Google Alerts so this should be really useful for keeping up on what people are commenting on.

Not sure I fancy every comment I make anywhere showing up in my twitter feed though!!

Something Matt and I discussed, getting places where we’re commenting to show up on our blogs.

Aha an API, not that I’ll have time to use it but I know it’s there if I want it.

This will be interesting, Analytics for comments 🙂

This post nearly started off as rant, until I went and did a little digging – it seemed BackType wasn’t updating and had at least a week old comments for me! Then I remembered I had moderation of comments switched on!!!

I don’t get notification’s that there are comments for me to moderate there… Maybe I should turn off moderation for comments?

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Comments (5)


  1. Mike Montano says:

    Hey Keiron,

    Thanks for writing about our newsletters and I’m really glad we dodged the bullet on the rant 🙂

    I’ll look into why you haven’t been receiving emails — because we should have been letting you know that you had comments to moderate. I think you’ll find that you could turn moderation off if you wanted — we haven’t found it necessary for an overwhelming majority of users.

    I really hope you enjoy these updates and you can look forward to a lot more that are coming up.

  2. Mike Montano says:

    By the way the twitter updates can be sent as a digest in daily or weekly format if you aren’t a fan of sending every comment to your twitter. Personally I use the daily setting.

    Thanks again.

  3. Keiron says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for dropping by! I quite liked the moderation feature – don’t know why really – but haven’t received any notifications to my knowledge!

    What’s your Twitter ID? I’d be interested to see how a daily summary looks in 140 characters?

  4. Mike Montano says:

    Here’s one of my statuses: http://twitter.com/omakase/status/975601623

    I’m tracking down why you weren’t receiving emails. I’ll get back to you.

  5. Roger Hamilton says:

    Looks pretty cool. Might try it out and see how I like it.

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