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Using in your resolv.conf?

If you have recently upgraded cPanel you may be seeing this:

Security Warning, your resolver configuration contains (localhost). For security reasons, we recommend that you use a non-local dns resolver. Click here to change your configuration.

So what’s this all about? Your server has been running very happily for months – why are you suddenly seeing this? cPanel have realised that too many people are doing this and that it could have serious security implications!

People can add almost any domains they wish to your server, and if you use, your server thinks the domain is local – imagine if I setup hotmail.com on your server as a reseller – I would receive every single email destined for hotmail!! Not a pretty idea is it??

TweakGeek are compiling a list of nameservers you can replace it with here. Here is the current list as of the 16th of November – check there for further updates:

EV1servers.net (Houston, TX):
ns1.ev1servers.net (
ns2.ev1servers.net (
ns3.ev1servers.net (
ns4.ev1servers.net (

ThePlanet (Dallas, TX):
ns1.theplanet.com (
ns2.theplanet.com (

ServerMatrix (Dallas, TX)
ns1.servermatrix.com (
ns2.servermatrix.com (

Mzima (Los Angeles, CA):
ns1.lax01.mzima.net (
ns2.lax01.mzima.net (

FortressITX (Clifton, NJ):
ns1.pwebtech.com (
ns2.pwebtech.com (

ServInt (Ashburn, VA):
ns.servint.net (
ns2.servint.net (

Earthlink (Various):
ns1.mindspring.com (
ns2.mindspring.com (

Burst/nocster (Scranton, PA) :
ns1.burst.net (
ns2.burst.net (

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