Those of you who spend enough time with me by now will know that I’m a bit of a fan of Mozilla and in particular like most of the world at the moment – Firefox.

I’d love to switch to all Mozilla products, but until now have been unable to do so… Why I hear you ask?

The answer is simple, my PDA – admittedly I don’t use it as much as I should – maybe I would if it was a little more stable, it’s certainly more stable since I upgraded the ROM on it to WM5. Apparently there are even faster ROMs out there now I may download one later today (when I’ve charged the damned thing up due to lack of use!).

I need my documents and my contacts to be able to sync with the PDA, now I’m going to make the challenge just a little bit harder, it needs to sync with Outlook at work and Mozilla at home (alright, I’ll accept Mozilla at both ends if needs be!).

Looks like FinchSync may be the way forward (at least from a tasks/contacts/calendar point of view)?