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A Crack in Crackberry's plan?

The Blackberry has dominated the business world for some years now, as the number one push email system for enterprise users.

But it seems that reign might just be coming to an end as HSBC becomes one of the first to switch to the iPhone for 200,000 of their staff!

[via omio]

Shadowheart psp

iPhone Release - Seattle

Creative Commons License photo credit: elisfanclub

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Comments (4)


  1. Aibal says:

    Switching 200k of their staff over to Apple? Monstrous! I really don’t think RIM can’t keep up with Apple’s development. I don’t think anyone can. It’s OS X and their head start in researching and implementing touch controls that give Apple the edge. How many of these 200k employees will switch to a Mac, just because they find the iPhone so cool? A good amount if we’re to believe that Apple’s metric rise is largely due to the ‘halo’ effect.

    Aibals last blog post..Coldplay is Sometimes OK

  2. Brent's Utah County Auto says:

    I think an iPhone is perfect for people highly invested in the business world. I wouldn’t mind one myself, except the big monthly fees make me sad.

  3. Keiron says:

    I personally probably won’t be going for one.. For me the vast amount of applications available for Windows Mobile outweigh the quirkiness of Windows Mobile vs the iPhone… Although I’ll probably wait for the HTC Touch Pro..

    Aibal is probably right, give these users an iPhone and they’ll probably go out and buy a Mac – now that’s some advertising!!!

  4. Red Roters says:

    i wanna work for that company a free iPhone? that would be sick

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