A probe into the the nutritional content of the average keyboard has discovered that it contains an unhealthy balance of bread crumbs, crisp fragments, meat, sugar, salt and jam. Worse still, this inadequate diet is supplemented with toe and fingernail clippings, grit, glue and pubic hair.

UK ISP UK Online’s investigation polled 500 of it’s staff and sent 10 home and office keyboards off for analysis.

The survey shows eactly how unhealthy what we eat at our desks is, and why should UK Online care? Because they’re launching a new 8Meg service giving you even less reason to move away from your keyboard!

So they’ve got the British Olmypic Nutrionist, Wendy Martinson to come up with the following tips:

  • Have a bottle of water on your desk and drink it
  • Have small amounts of slow release carbohydrate foods during the day to maintain energy levels
  • Take breakfast and snacks into work so you’re not caught short
  • Keep a store of cereals, seeds and nuts and fresh and dried fruits for snacking
  • Get up from your desk regularly, stretch you legs and refocus
  • Get out at lunchtime to recharge you batteries and eat a healthy lunch
  • Include physical activity in you day-to-day routine