You may remember I banged on for months about wanting a Touch Pro and Orange couldn’t decide if they were going to get it… Eventually I opted for getting one from Vodafone (SIM free through a colleague). It’s a great phone, but has a few quirks and I’ve been hanging out for the HTC Touch Pro 2.

Yep, I’m still resisting the iPhone (much as I use my iPod Touch for loads of things now!) as I have the usual concerns:

  • Will I have listened to music all day and not have enough juice to make a call or check my email.
  • Can’t put a spare battery in it.

Plus it does mean leaving Orange after almost 15 years as a customer.

So, I was quite excited when I heard Orange were getting the HTC Touch Pro 2, a really nice looking device and quite an upgrade on the original HTC Touch Pro! A 3.2 MP Camera is still a bit of a failing on it – but I’m not buying it for the camera, it would be for that great slide-out QWERTY keyboard…

Orange were very much in a state of “It’s coming”, “It’s coming”, “It’s in test”, “We’re testing it”, “We’ll be getting limited stock next week”, “We’ve sold out of current stock” all the usual when a great new handset comes out…

I did get them to quote me for a handset whilst it was out of stock and it was only £50 cheaper than buying it SIM-Free!!

So whilst debating whether I’d be better buying it SIM-Free (and not getting tied into a new contract), Orange have discontinued the HTC Touch Pro 2 already.. It’s almost like it never launched…

Most disappointed, now I have the SIM-Free or Switch to Vodafone debate to have!