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Impressed with Orange (for a change)

I’d almost bordered on getting rid of my Orange contract recently, and moving over to either T-Mobile (for their data plans) or O2 (for the iPhone obviously!), but they’ve surprised me in the last 24 hours and I may well stay with them.

Yesterday for some unknown reason the main keypad on my SPV M700 (O2 XDA IIs, HTC Trinity, HTC P3600 whichever you want to call it!) just stopped working. I promptly rang Orange and asked the all important question…..

No, it wasn’t will they replace it, it was:

“When are you going to release the HTC Diamond?”

I’d noticed it on their website as “Coming Soon” and already knew it was a phone I wanted. The very helpful lady at Orange couldn’t give me any answer of when, but immediately offered to have a new handset to me this morning…

I now have a nice new SPV M700 and am frantically installing all my software back onto it!

In the midst of some of the tinkering I have to do to get my phone talking to Thunderbird/Lightning (not as easy as it is with just Outlook!) I spotted the news from CoolSmartphone.com that data tariffs look set to improve with Orange!

UPDATED: More info available here!

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