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HTC Touch Pro (or No!) on Orange

I think I’ve found the perfect phone from me, The HTC Touch Pro (which I talked about a while back) looks like it does everything I want or need! Take a look at it here:

HTC Touch Pro

But I have a minor problem, Orange aren’t being forthcoming in offering it 🙁 Whilst on it’s own this isn’t unusual, they are generally last to market with new handsets after they’ve Orange Simplified (read “rebranded and Orange Software’d”) it, the mixed messages that I’m getting from Orange ARE unusual.

  • On a recent shopping trip I popped into the Orange Shop at Cabot Circus, and whilst my wife was looking at handsets I asked once of the loitering assistants if there was any news on the Touch Pro?
    A couple of weeks I was assured, pop in here then!

    Great, I thought – I still hadn’t even seen one in the flesh, but looking at the feature list I’d be daft not to go to it!

  • I rang Orange Business Support the following week, who did a quick search for me… No nothing of that name on the system… hmmm… No news is good news right, it’s still in test probably?
  • On Saturday I popped into Vodafone, and just picked up the fake plastic version to show it to Emma – who immediately said “That’s the phone for you”.So I ring Orange Business Support again… “No we have no phone by that name”, great ok – no news is still good news right? “I’ll just do a search for you, no can’t see a Touch Pro – the Touch HD and S740 are coming soon if that means anything to you?”.

It does mean something, it means they’re releasing later handsets and might possibly skip the Touch Pro altogether 🙁

  • The HTC Touch HD has a better screen, but no keyboard I believe?
  • The HTC S740 is a candybar phone *with* a slide out keyboard, but not a big enough screen to warrant it in my opinion!

So it’s:

  1. Wait it out on Orange – I’ve been with them a long time, have multiple handsets with them and know the system!
  2. Switch to Vodafone – Port my number, not sure about getting the whole account over there!
  3. Buy it off conract/SIM free for circa £500 – but then any faults and it won’t be back to the network!

I simply can’t decide!!

At least I’m not the only one looking for this handset (see below) maybe if we make enough noise we’ll get noticed?

Update 28/10/08:

I dropped Orange Business Support a mail after writing this post, and whilst it appears the HTC Touch HD is now available on Orange (or coming soon – November), Business Support still aren’t officially saying so – see below:

Our information is that the HD and the S740 are under review, but we have no
information at all regarding the Touch Pro.

Even handsets that are listed as “coming soon” can be pulled at the last
minute so, personally, I wouldn’t hold out for a handset that isn’t even at
that stage yet.

Sorry we can’t be more specific.

Fortunately, I may have found one….. I’ll update you soon 🙂

This entry was posted on Monday, October 20th, 2008 at 4:37 pm and is filed under Mobile Phones, PDA. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

Comments (6)


  1. Joshua White says:

    Hi glad to see someone else is having problems with orange- misery loves company, lol. I have been bugging orange for months about this phone and was told that they won’t be getting it in, however, when i poped into the orange store in Morfa, i was told its comming soon but they havn’t seen it in the ‘catalouge’ Getting orange to give you a straight answer over anything is like banging your head against a brick wall. If anybody works for orange who could let us know i would be eternaly greatful. JW

  2. Keiron says:

    I wouldn’t mind so much if the message was a clear “We aren’t going to support it” (SIM free or Network change becomes an option) or a “We are in 3 months” (Well I’ll hold out for the upgrade).

    The shops seem to have a “it’s coming” line, or are they just trying to get me to come back in a couple of weeks when they can tell me about the virtues of the Touch HD (I don’t really want to watch films on it!!).

  3. Rob Steenwyk says:

    Ahh, how I wished I lived in the UK so I could pick up the Touch Pro. Looks like a beautiful phone, and I already love my HTC 6800. HTC has been coming out with some AWESOME handsets recently.
    -Rob Steenwyk

  4. Keiron says:

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for dropping by – just subscribed to your blog. The fact that HTC keep knocking out these handsets makes me think, don’t jump to another network just yet, there’s bound to be something bigger and better that my current network will support in 6 months time!

  5. Keiron says:

    Post Updated after an email from Orange!

  6. Asim says:

    Im in a simillar position my contract ended 2 months ago with Orange Tytn II in hand and i have been waiting for Orange to Launch the Touch Pro 2 after reading the comment i am dissopointed.

    But wondring if Orange may launch the TP2 with WinMo6.5?

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