We’ve had a DVD Recorder for about 6 months and never really done a lot with it – well we have, we’ve watched a few DVD’s and archived off stuff from the Sky+ box.

Today I decided to have a play with the editting functions…. (probably when I should be doing about six million other things in preparation for us going away, but hey what the hell!)

In five minutes of playing I’ve managed to split a title, rename a disc, and hide a bunch of adverts in a program – am I proud? Hell yeah!!

Now I’ve started this job I may as well continue! The only real dissapointment I have, is that if I have two programs recorded on a DVD+RW and I delete the first one, I only seem to recover that space before and have a gap still, very odd!

Anyway here is the machine in question, the Phillips DVDR 3305.

Philips DVDR3305/05  Multi-region Capable DVD Recorder