I say it’s been a quiet week on the blog and then I go and dump two posts in twenty minutes!

I’ve been looking into a Multi-User Blogging format for a future project I have (it’s an event based project that’s several years away so I have time yet!). I haven’t found anything that really met my needs and was looking at farming it out and outsourcing it.

However, people that know me already know I’m a fan of WordPress (which runs this blog) and am particularly interested at the moment in finding a way to use WordPress as a CMS rather than a blog.

So being a big fan of WordPress I’m particularly interested in the new WordPress Multi User (WordPress MU), which among it’s features lists:

– Ambiguity about how to pronounce its name

I love it!!!

Writing this post also gave me cause to see what Amazon has in their catalogue about WordPress and I was pleasanlty surprised to find the following books:

Wordpress 2 (Visual QuickStart Guides)   Building Online Communities with Drupal, PhpBB, and WordPress   Pro WordPress Development

I didn’t realise people even wrote books about WordPress – now that might be worth an investment!!