Photo by jimmyroq

My blog posts used to look a little boring, or at least in some people’s eyes – in my eyes they were a thing of glory, a product of my creativity, a……. bunch of text in web browser I guess!

I needed some pictures to illustrate the posts, and I wasn’t about to (in the previous post) rush out and buy a hamster just for a blog post!

Then I read a post over at SkellieWag, about using Flickr images licensed under the Creative Commons license to find great images to illustrate my posts. Check it out before going any further as it will make a great deal more sense if you do…

I started out with a few posts where I’d download the image, upload it into WordPress and then link to it, along with a link back to the photographer (almost all images have at the bare minimum an attribution license). This is both tedious time consuming, and I’m not sure I necessarily need all of these peoples images in my hosting all the time?

I’ve since gone on the hunt for a WordPress plugin that will do this job for me, unfortunately almost everything I’ve found so far is for adding your own photo’s to your own blog – and no – I’m still not going to go out and buy a hamster!!! Now whilst these plugins are quite useful, you’ll also find that if it’s your own image a HTML box appears under the image in Flickr (when you view it at different sizes!) with the code in it to link it back, I need this piece of code for images I’ve searched for under the Creative Commons Licenses….

I’m going to have to resort to:

  • Messing with the code for one of these other plugins,
  • Talking very nicely to J @ The Glass is Too Big, to get his prototype converted into a plugin – how about it J?
  • Or talking nicely to the guys at EmoRate to see if they can convert their photo-comment-tool to do something similar.

Does anyone have any better ideas?