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Coltrane Here We Come…. WordPress 2.7

I’m incredibly lucky to have WPAU on my blog which has made the upgrade to WordPress 2.7 (Coltrane) relatively painless..

The Great Dictator divx

This is probably the most talked about release in the WordPress history, with blog after blog discussing it. So here goes:

  1. Logging in WordPress I see the familiar:

    WordPress 2.7 is available! Please update now.

    Luckily because of WPAU I also see….

    Click Here to Automatically Upgrade WordPress to latest Version.

  2. Clicking the Auto Upgrade, I do the usual things:

    • Fill in my FTP details
    • Backup files
    • Backup Database (all my tables – why is there not a check all option in WPAU?)
    • Fetch the latest version.
    • Put the site in maintenance mode
    • Deactivates the plugins
    • Upgrades the installation files
    • Upgrade the database (we haven’t had to do that for a long while!)
    • Reactivate plugins (One plugin didn’t reactivate dofollow.php – but it never does!!)
    • Takes the site out of maintenance mode.

Well it doesn’t seem to have broken anything externally and does look quite neat and tidy inside the admin area!

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  1. Yunar says:

    I love many features in WP 2.7 upgrading automatically plugin, WP etc, eliminating manual upgrade installation.

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