I hate phishing, actually I hate what people are trying to achieve when they go phishing, but I do in a (geeky “that’s kind of clever”)  way quite admire their ingenuity when writing these spoof websites, that look exactly like the real thing to fool you into entering your username and password! Techie Zone recently discussed a few methods of phishing and how to spot a phishing email that is certainly worth a read if you don’t know what you are up against!

We’ve seen the first of these in the last few weeks for Gmail users, trying to fool them into entering their details so people can get into their account and find their passwords. This first one took the form of trying to fool you into entering your details on (details and example of Gmail phishing from Derek @ 5ThirtyOne) to get in, and as Google of have announced paid storage upgrades, I suspect this type of phishing will go on for some time! Beware!