Did a little bit of Apache reading after a client query yesterday, it seems restarting httpd is not all that it seems!

start – start httpd
startssl – start httpd with SSL enabled
stop – stop httpd
restart – restart httpd if running by sending a SIGHUP or start if
not running
fullstatus – dump a full status screen; requires lynx and mod_status enabled
status – dump a short status screen; requires lynx and mod_status enabled
graceful – do a graceful restart by sending a SIGUSR1 or start if not running

Is the normal course of events from apachectl, but what about if we want to restart with SSL?

A route around this as sugeested by someone is to remove all the stuff in the apache config file, or altertively edit the HTTPD definitiona tthe top of apachectl so that it ALWAYS passes -DSSL), then use normal start/restart/graceful

Now we’re on the subject of graceful, I have found out that it mean no existing or pendings connections are lost during the restart!

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