We recently purchased Gravity Forms for doing some client projects and it’s fantastic…

I thought I’d got everything I need but there was one thing it didn’t do that really surprised me, in the notification emails there was no way of getting the exact time the submission button was hit! This really surprised me, this seems like one of the most obvious things you’d want to know.

Support were fantastic and answered my query in just a few minutes, it has to be done with a hook (this still surprises me!), so here you go:

  • First create a hidden field in your form, we’ll use a hook to fill this in after submission.
  • Add the following to your functions.php
    function add_timestamp($form ) {
    // Add the timestamp
    // Replace input_9 with your hidden field and
    // date('r') with your chosen timestamp format
    $_POST["input_9"] = date('r'); 
    // Modify form 3 (set to gform_pre_submission to apply to all forms)
    add_action("gform_pre_submission_3", "add_timestamp", 10, 2);