I’ve long been interested in some rapid development PHP framework to speed up my development time, I’m well aware that starting to use one could slow me up in the interim, but once I was fully up to speed with any of the major frameworks I would probably find it very easy.

So I dug my head into the cakePHP manual today, I’ll be honest I found the manual heavy going, but I’ve always felt like that about any programming language, it’s far easier to learn by example, SitePoint have a Tutorial that gives you a real first bite. I found the example really easy, but then it’s an example and you’re supposed to!

Technorati has little on CakePHP, other than people referring to the screencasts available on the CakePHP site.

Well I’ve got my funky little notes application, but can I make something that really works with CakePHP, we’ll see, but I can see it being a steep learning curve, I may have to invest in CakePHP Recipes – £17.86 on Amazon as a starting point?
CakePHP Recipes