I was reading John’s blog today and spotted a link to Mozilla Labs. I’ve always liked some of the Google Labs projects and an avid fan of both Firefox and Thunderbird – so what better way to see some of the things that Mozilla have got on their minds.

Prism glass 1

I’ve only read about one project before I’ve started typing, but already it strikes me a something remarkably simple but such a good idea!

Prism notes that:

Personal computing is currently in a state of transition. While traditionally users have interacted mostly with desktop applications, more and more of them are using web applications. But the latter often fit awkwardly into the document-centric interface of web browsers. And they are surrounded with controls–like back and forward buttons and a location bar–that have nothing to do with interacting with the application itself.

So Prism will let you add these applications straight into your Start Menu (an eBay Application link, a Facebook application link etc.)

You can see the benefits for some users already! Is anyone using this?

Creative Commons License photo credit: tanakawho