The ASUS eee PC 900 has been in the house (and out and about a bit!) for just over a week now, and as I’ve already pointed out the eee Desktop, it’s about time I talked about this device!

EEE 900 - Easy Mode

My other half thought I was barking mad taking photo’s of the box, but I wanted to be able to post some decent information here! I also didn’t want to get into the photo’s beacuse Lisa Bettany does far better at opening laptop boxes than me!

Opening the box you wonder how on earth it’s so light, but at around 1kg the eee weights nearly nothing, and it’s charger is largely the same – this is the device I need if I’m going to get my Nikon D40x in the hand luggage as well.

As I took it out of the box, I was thrilled to see a little blue sticker on the side of the box! Some Chinese characters followed by the letters 5800maH, a lot has been written about the eee 900 shipping with a smaller battery in the UK. Interestingly just this week Asus have agreed for a nominal fee of £10 to replace the small batteries for one this size – thankfully I won’t have to do that!

EEE 900 - Boxed (with 5800mAh Battery Sticker) EEE 900 - In the Box
EEE 900 - Out of the Box EEE 900 - Asus and Box Contents

The system is lightning fast booting (one of the reasons I doubt I’ll put Windows XP on it!), and I’m into the setup wizard straight away. I selected a UK keyboard – only to realise once I’ve booted that
half my key mappings are all over the place, but if I take it out of UK – I won’t have a £ symbol. More on this later!

EEE 900 - Still wrapped and booting!

Thankfully it shipped with the battery 30% charged so I could have a quick play and make a Skype video call within the first five minutes!!!

More to come on the modifications I make on this!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Keiron Skillett