Broadcasting is about to change, as more and more people start to use YouTube.

You’ll notice that today, the video (that I posted last week), which showed rednecks chasing the Top Gear team does not work, this is because the BBC have had it removed from YouTube for copyright reasons.

Real people have become celebrities overnight in the YouTube world. Take for example Peter, he is 79 and has 59 videos on YouTube. He has posted a series of videos about his life entitled Telling It All. They were an instant hit!

Or Kate, at the tender age of 18, she has 19 videos on YouTube – with 13,662 subscribers, and 1,617,642 views of her videos. Now that’s popular!

These people are the new stars, they chat to each other via video, they answer back to each of others funny sketches, and generally make a show of themselves. Who can blame them as YouTube are set to offer payment for videos?

Here’s one Kate’s most recent videos as she tries to win a date with a fellow YouTube user, hilarious: Closely followed by the girl she was trying to get a date with making a reply to all the people who entered her competition: