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Posts Tagged Google-Reader

I'm still here!

I’ve had a few emails this week asking where I am! I’m still here! I’ve just been unbelievably busy! Work is pretty chaotic at the minute as as home, any spare minute I get is invariably spent trying to catch up on the mountain of feeds in my Google Reader, or on Twitter! download Johnny Was Twitter is probably a better place to find me if you want a chat at the minute (98 other followers already do!). I’ll try to get back to posting in the near future – I’ve starred so much in Google Reader that will hopefully interest people! What is everyone else up to?

by Keiron on October 15th, 2008 | General | 10 Comments » |

I Don’t Read Any Blogs Posts!

I just star posts, or so it seems with Google Reader! I’ve got tonnes of stuff starred – 208  items to be precise, with another 328 unread! When, I ask you… When am I going to go back and find time to read all those amazing things I’ve thought “I’ll blog about that”, or “I must read that properly later”? I’ve taken a look at my trends, I do so enjoy statistics! In the last 30 days the primary candidates for publishing good content that I want to read again appear to be LifeHacker and my Bumpzee Community (I also have a view people waiting to get into that community – I really must review their sites now I’m keeping… Continue reading »

by Keiron on November 21st, 2007 | Blogging & Communities | 2 Comments » |

Good Idea: Facebook Status Updates and RSS feeds!

Do you login to Facebook and see the little list on the right hand side of what your friends have been upto? There’s just 4 of them normally, quite pathetic really – surely you have more friends than that? Did you realise you can get an RSS feed of these? For the uninitiated here is Wikipedia’s article on RSS Feeds, they’re really quite useful and allow you to subscribe to all sorts of things without having to actually visit the site, you can even subscribe to this site by clicking this button: I use it to read all of my favourite blogs (and there are a lot), keep me updated on the BBC news and even to keep tabs on… Continue reading »

by Keiron on September 12th, 2007 | Blogging & Communities | No Comments » |