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I'm still here!

I’ve had a few emails this week asking where I am! I’m still here!

I’ve just been unbelievably busy! Work is pretty chaotic at the minute as as home, any spare minute I get is invariably spent trying to catch up on the mountain of feeds in my Google Reader, or on Twitter!

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Twitter is probably a better place to find me if you want a chat at the minute (98 other followers already do!).

I’ll try to get back to posting in the near future – I’ve starred so much in Google Reader that will hopefully interest people! What is everyone else up to?

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Comments (10)


  1. kate says:

    Well I’m not surprised you’ve not had time – a mad weekend up here didn’t help and all that computer work – what you need is a holiday!!! Won’t be long now

    kates last blog post..Thought Provoking Stuff!

  2. Keiron says:

    Work is busy too, just sometimes don’t feel like it when I get home! All I can face is reading and starring not big posts! Hence why my twitter bar on the right is so busy!!?

    I plan to blog on holiday too this time, maybe not upload them but get some posts written that I’ve been meaning to write for ages!

  3. Matt says:

    Well you know what I’ve been up to. Working, blogging and tweeting. It is hard to stay motivated after a hard days work at the computer, sometimes you don’t really want to spend your evenings in front of a monitor as well.

    On a side note, what happened to full-time-blogger. Has he retired?

    Matts last blog post..New MacBook Range – My Two Cents

  4. kate says:

    I just can’t keep up with it all!!

  5. Keiron says:

    @Matt The business kind of keeps me motivated apart from in accounts season (which the last few months has been!), I’ve taken to not going near the monitor and plonking the EEE on my lap in front of the TV.
    It kind of stops me playing with full on tasks that I forget my brain won’t cope with at that time in the evening!

    Full-Time-Blogger‘s been more busy than me 🙂 . Acutally I was thinking about seeing if a few people wanted to guest post (startup bloggers as well as fulltime bloggers) – interested?

    @Kate – Welcome to my world 🙂 I need to get back on the GTD bandwagon I think to get everything under control!

  6. TheChrisD says:

    Nothing wrong with taking a break, you know 🙂

  7. Keiron says:

    Taking a break??? Taking a break?? I don’t have time for one of those!!!

  8. Matt says:

    I might be intersted actually. I’ve got a few posts in mind for my own blog about starting up. It’s hard to avoid, but I don’t want to blog too much about blogging on their because it supposed to be a more general tech blog. If I write anything half decent I’ll mail it to you.

    Matts last blog post..New MacBook Range – My Two Cents

  9. Roger Hamilton says:

    Yeah having a break once in awhile is great!

  10. Keiron says:

    Feel free to mail me some stuff Matt, I’ll link it back to you if you do. That pretty much goes for anyone who wants to guest post on full-time-blogger.com as well!

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